About Petty's Garage


Petty's Garage is a high-performance speed shop originally founded by Richard Petty in 2008 as an expansion of his competitive career and ambition to find ways to continue to win both on and off the track. Richard Petty has been building hot rods ever since his childhood bicycle wouldn’t go fast enough. Performance vehicles or stock cars, Richard Petty’s life has been built around production and driving high quality vehicles. Today, the Garage is a 2nd generation Petty family owned and operated business. Our performance experts have earned the respect of customer and fans that crowned Petty the “King of NASCAR”. Our crew is looking forward to helping you start and new project or upgrade your current vehicle.


Headquartered in Level Cross, North Carolina, Petty's Garage occupies the legendary Petty facility that rolled out winning stock cars for more than 70 years. Once Petty Enterprise, the former race team, relocated to Mooresville, NC, Richard Petty set a new plan in motions for the legendary facility. With the beginning of a new era, the King was able to express himself through high performance vehicles. Our goal at Petty's Garage is to deliver superior vehicles and performance parts that provide the ultimate driving experience, allowing performance enthusiasts across the country to "take home the horsepower".


Our services include, but are not limited to, performance upgrades, restorations, luxury personal builds, custom one off builds, supercharged engines, paint and body, suspension, exhaust upgrades, brake systems, custom fabrication, custom interior, tires and wheels, and corporate builds. As you begin to build your dream car, we welcome your ideas and questions and look forward to inviting you as a lifetime customer! We will work with you to find the right modifications for you, your car, and your driving style.